The thriving face of international culture in King

Who would have thought that a quiet place like King would be such a hotbed for international arts & culture?

As it turns out there is a venerable age of Enlightenment taking shape right in our own backyards as more and more baby boomers are getting set to retire. In many situations, they are new to King, having moved into the area within the last twenty years. They didn’t grow up here and English may not be their first language but that isn’t stopping them from looking for ways to continue enjoying an active social life.

They love great music, dancing and getting together for boardgames. Many are extremely well read and are looking for ways to stay mentally sharp and physically active.

Some, like Schomberg’s Alexandre Bykov, an arborist with over 40 years of experience and a doctorate in tree health, are exploring creative pursuits. Working with KCM’s publisher, PRAS Publishing, Bykov is about to celebrate his 60th birthday and wanted to commemorate the occasion with the release of his second Russian language poetry collection: Travel Notes. It is a masterfully written compilation of close to 300 poems, written over a period of six years. To augment the written word, Bykov incorporated photographs from the journeys and destinations which inspired him.

Bykov hopes to organize an evening of poetry reading, music and comraderie to celebrate the launch of his book some time in the new year.

Recently, Italian seniors have started organizing social evenings at the Nobeltona seniors’ root.

Are you looking for ways to connect with older residents over a variety of interests (or even something specific)? Maybe we can help spread the wordl

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