Stretching into playful therapy


Tiziana D’Angelo, owner of King City’s Stretching Canvass, is shown looking at one of her quickly executed paintings. Tiz runs art classes focused on mindful exploration, incorporating yoga and payful, intuitive art programming.

In school, Tiziana D’Angelo majored in geography and psychology. But, from the first time she held a crayon as a child, her heart belonged to making art. As a certified teacher and yoga instructor Tiz continues to weave in what she enjoys most; sharing, enlightening and delighting students and workshop participants with the many therapeutic benefits of making art.


Though people often delight in her paintings, for Tiz, making art is about the journey, not the outcome. “I love inspiring others to connect with themselves through yoga, wellness workshops and our, intuitive art programs,” explains Tiz.

“The focus of my art classes is to help the creator be present and in the moment through mischievous prompts and unexpected guidelines like painting with their eyes closed.” According to Tiz, “beginning a piece this way allows us to get our thoughts, judgments and criticism out of the way and enjoy the sensations of the painting process. It’s a sort of yoga with art. I sometimes call it yogart!”

Her brightly lit studio space allows Tiz to offer a variety of programs. Sometimes it’s just about the yoga mats. Sometimes, it’s just about the canvas. Sometimes, the yoga and the art are combined. “I teach yoga in the Kripalu tradition and help people learn how to listen to their intuition and allow their soul to guide them along their creative journey.”

In addition to the adult centric classes and workshops, Stretching Canvas also offers a full menu of intuitive painting and yoga classes for little kids and teenagers. Students learn about mindfulness and techniques to help them better deal with worries, stresses and anxiety.

Before settling into her current location, Tiz ran Messy Hands Happy Hearts, a mobile art studio in the form of a converted school bus. Those already familiar with Messy Hands will be happy to learn that the bus is back! The bus is a great opportunity to let kids loose with clay and paint, without having to worry about the clean-up.

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