Psyched for the fall issue of King Country Magazine

I cannot tell you enough about how much I love King Township Public Library. It started when we were standing, aghast, staring at a shelf of newly released DVDs. We’ve saved so much money on movie theatres this summer, because of them.
I love visiting the King City branch and getting another personal favourite from, Adele, who introduced me to Secondhand Lions. For last-minute help with important assignments, pilfering library archives for historical images and, above everything, I love the staff picks! Doesn’t matter which branch you go to, you get a sense about the people who choose to work at King Township Public Library and, the people who hire them.
As a writer, I’m always worried about writing things that aren’t worth reading. I spend a lot of time procrastinating because of that. So I picked up a book that I don’t have time to read from King Township Public Library, because it was a staff pick, and it had a great title. Who cares about its Giller Prize? I cracked the spine, read this phrase and it makes me want to write something with just as much mind-blowing simplicity: “The horizon, I once told a Spanish Painter, it gives you a whole new perspective. It doesn’t exist except from far away. The horizon is always a story, and as soon as we get there, it’s somewhere else.”
Now I want to write. I want to tell you all about the lady who can’t wait to get outside to her little carving table, regardless of the weather. I can’t wait to talk about the guy who found salvation in horses after witnessing genocide and then seeing countless friends lose their lives, at their own hands, because of it. My fingers are itching to reveal the motivations of people who seemingly have no reason to give more than they take and, of people who are ready to give away a lifetime of knowledge because of their love for their craft.
It’s destined to be a good issue and the best part is that it’s isn’t all in my head. We’re 60% ready to show it to you. So sit tight, enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready for a great read!

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