Calling all King Township writers, artists and photographers

Call for authorsDo you love to write, paint or take photos? Do you live in King Township, Ontario? Want full credit for your work and to build up your portfolio? Great! We want to help.

Submit your work, story ideas or complete articles and we’ll publish them for you.

Want to shine a bright light on a community hero? We want to help!

Want to help people discover King’s best kept secrets? Let’s do it!

Even if you run your own blog, the best way to shine a spotlight on your own work is to have somebody else publish you (especially if they don’t mind linking back your page).

Let’s get your voice out there! We don’t care about your age or status as a professional vs. amateur author or artist.

All we care about is helping you raise your voice and be heard. Depending on what it is, we might even dedicate a page on this site just for you. But regardless, we’ll definitely give you full credit (if you want it). We know there are times and people when the message is all that needs to get out there. You don’t want your name splashed all over it. That’s fine, too.

We know how to make people look good! Even if you’re worried, we aren’t. We’re really good at what we do.

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