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Hey Paesano
Thanks to Hey Paesano for sponsoring our “Pick the Cover” contest.

We’re pretty excited over here about the next issue of KCM. Once again we have a really great read coming your way. It’s all about love, sacrifice, learning to look and listen and celebrating people who are kicking butt at this being a good human thing. But, while what’s inside is enough to keep your attention we weren’t sure what to do with the front cover. So we asked you and now it’s time to thank you!

Over the last week hundreds of people took part in picking our cover. It was all about the owl vs. the pine cones and though opinions were strong 67% picked the owl.

Well, actually both images were taken at the Sister’s Touch of Christmas store. So since so many people liked the look of the little guy we thought we’d give it away to a second winner.

Congratulations to our winners Nicki Penheiro (pizza) and Linda Gauslin (owl ornament)!

The owl took it by a landslide!


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